Tips on How to Get Ready to Sell

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It is advised not to undergo costly renovations or long, time-consuming changes to your home unless necessary.

1. Call Me

Understanding the current market, an accurate home evaluation, and analytic expert advice will help to get you the most out of your home while establishing expectations. 

Working with a realtor is very important.

2. Deep Clean and Maintain

Cleaning is one of the most important factors when selling your home.

Exterior maintenance during the listing period is crucial. (i.e. Snow Removal, clean landscaping, etc.)

3. Declutter

Clear Kitchen counters and other spaces to free up room.

Rent a storage bin (if needed) or any additional furniture that may take away from the room size.

4. Paint Walls

Paint your walls (as needed) to a neutral modern color that compliments your flooring, counters, etc.

This gives the appearance of more space and brightens a room. One of the most important factors for buyers is lighting.

5. Depersonalize your Home

Find a balance between removing any personal photos, and having the feeling of being warm and welcoming. 

It is recommended to store away any medications, valuable items, etc.

6. Call your Handyman

Any running toilets, flickering lights, etc. should be fixed before listing your home.